Fall 2024 Meeting Announced

Hi All,
We’ve scheduled the Fall 2024 meeting of the CCARC. It will be held on October 19, 2024 from 1-3PM on Zoom.  If changes need to be made to your delegates, please log onto the portal and make changes.  You need to make these changes yourself!
We will send a preliminary agenda, Zoom invite and any necessary handouts as we get closer to the meeting day.Looking forward to seeing you all!73, W0VG
John Maxwell
Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs

Spring 2024 Meeting Announced

Hi All,

We’ve scheduled the Spring 2024 meeting of the CCARC. It will be held on April 27th, 2024 from 1-3PM on Zoom. You are receiving this email as you are listed as either the Delegate or Alternate for your organization. If changes need to be made to these positions, please log onto the portal and make changes.

This meeting, we will be electing a new Chairman and Frequency Coordinator. If you wish to be on the ballot for one of the positions, please contact the nominating committee chairperson, Willem Schreuder, AC0KQ.

We will send a preliminary agenda, Zoom invite and any necessary handouts as we get closer to the meeting day.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

73, W0VG
John Maxwell
Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs

Fall Meeting Minutes and Coordinated Off Air Repeaters

The minutes from the Fall meeting have been posted.

The minutes include a list of 10 repeaters which have been verified off-air for at least six months and have been proposed for de-coordination in order to free up coordinations which are not actively being used. A final vote in the April 2024 meeting will be held to finalize those de-coordinations. If you’re on the list and you still need your coordination, get in touch before it’s too late!

The April 2024 meeting will be scheduled soon; check back for more information.

Fall Meeting Announcement

It’s almost that time again.  We will be holding the fall edition of the CCARC Meeting on Saturday, October 21, 2023 1-3pm via Zoom.  Please make sure you mark the date in your calendar.  We will be posting an agenda and minutes of the previous meeting about two weeks out.

If you need an invite to the zoom call, please drop the chairman a note in the menu above.

Succession Planning

We’ve had several situations that need to be brought to your attention.  As normal with your estate planning you need to plan for the future of your repeater coordinations!  When you pass, if you are the ONLY person with access to your coordination records, those coordinations will be cancelled unless there is clear and definitive proof that the coordination should be conveyed to someone else.

We have given significant thought about this in the coordination portal and have made it easy for you to add successors to your club and personal records.

For personal records, you can add “Approved Users” to your user record.  If you add an “Approved User” to your user record, that person can submit annual updates and similar management of your coordinations.  Approved Users can also be designated as the trustee or correspondence contact for your coordinations.  An Approved User cannot transfer your coordination to themselves or another entity, but if you are silent key, CCARC will interpret the Approved User designation as consent to transfer the coordination to an Approved User.  You can change or delete Approved Users at any time, but approved users cannot add additional Approved Users.  Only you can add an Approved User to your coordinations.

For Clubs, we highly recommend that the club be listed as the “Holder of Record” on all the club’s coordinations.  If you don’t see a certain coordination listed under the club record, it’s likely in someone’s individual call.  This MUST be changed by the person who is listed as the Holder of Record by clicking Transfer Holder of Record and enter the club call.

Each club record can have “Approved Users” just like any record.  Those Approved Users can submit annual updates and manage other aspects of the coordination.

Note that the callsign used on a repeater is different than the Holder of Record.  You can use any callsign the FCC regulations permit on the repeater.  Changing the callsign does not require coordinator approval.  The Holder of Record on the other hand is the club or individual that has been designated as the entity to which the coordination was issued.

A Club cannot be a trustee.  The trustee must be an individual, and that individual must be an Approved User for the club.

The Approved Users for a club can manage all the club’s coordinations.  However, in order to add or remove Approved Users or to apply for a new coordination with the club as the holder of record, you will need to log in using the club login.  Therefore the password for the club login should be known to officers of the club.  The club email address which can be used to recover a lost password should be a shared email that can be accessed by officers of the club so that when an officer becomes silent key or moves away, the club retains access to the club record.

Fall 2022 Meeting Announced

The CCARC Fall 2022 Meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, October 22, 2022.

Good evening all,

It’s getting to be that time again and I wanted to get the CCARC fall 2022 meeting officially scheduled! The minutes from the Spring meeting indicate that it will be another zoom with possible in-person meeting so please plan on attending. We will have the meeting all online at this time. I will provide more information on agenda and possible speakers as we get closer to the official date. I really don’t expect this meeting to take more than an hour to an hour and a half.

Please put it in your calendar.

If you know anyone that wants to attend via Zoom, please have them send an email to me and I will get them on the distribution list!

Looking forward to seeing you all.

73, W0VG
John Maxwell
Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs

Spring Meeting and Election

In accordance with the bylaws below – and as agreed to by the Executive committee.

I am mailing this on behalf of the current Chairman of the CCARC and CCARC Executive Committee…

SECTION 4. Nominations. Nominations are solicited by the Nomination Committee (Article X Section 1) and submitted to the Executive Committee who shall consider the recommendations and shall notify the Council of its nominations at least 21 days prior to the Spring regular meeting.

We are placing into nomination the following people for the positions that are up for election at the April 23rd meeting…


  • John Maxwell W0VG
  • Doug Nielsen N7LEM


  • Emit Hurdelbrink W0UAW

Frequency Coordinator:

  • Tracy Helmhold KI0HC

73 Wayne N0POH