CCARC 2019 Spring Meeting Scheduled

April 3, 2019

The Spring 2019 CCARC meeting will be held on May 4, 2019 from 1-4PM at the East Boulder Community Center, 5660 Sioux Dr, Boulder, CO 80303 sponsored by the Boulder Amateur Radio Club.

There will be a presentation on The RMHAM Network, the microwave network that ties Cheyenne Wyoming, to Albuquerque, NM and Denver to Vail as well as the Digital Mobile Radio network around the state.

We will be holding elections for the Vice Chair and Treasurer so make sure you have your delegates set up and are ready to vote!

Fall 2018 Meeting

October 29, 2018

The CCARC fall meeting was held at the Parker Library and was sponsored by the Parker Radio Association. The minutes of the meeting are posted. The next meeting will be in April 2019 and will be hosted by the Boulder Amateur Radio Club and be held in Boulder, CO. Interest was expressed in linking the Boulder meeting to a remote location in Montrose

CCARC Fall 2016 Meeting Scheduled!

September 20, 2016

The meeting will be held on October 22nd, 2016, 1:00p – 4:00p in the Timberline Conference Room, Estes Park Medical Center, 555 Prospect Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517.  The Main Entrance is on the East side of the hospital.  Park in the lot East and Northeast of the Main Entrance.  Our linked repeaters, 146.685 MHz and 449.800 MHz.  Refreshments will be provided.  Look for the signage in the hallway and the host club Estes Valley Amateur Radio Club. 

2019 Fall Meeting

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio will be hosting the Fall 2019 meeting October 12, 2019 at the Cherry Creek School District's ESC Building, 4700 S Yosemite St, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. The meeting will begin at 1 PM.

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Overdue Coordinations

August 18, 2016

We’ve identified several coordinations (listed below) that are overdue.  Overdue means we’ve not recieved coordination documents from these trustees.  When a repeater coordination status is anything other than “on air” they’re not sent to the ARRL for Repeater Directory listing.  We send annual update forms via US Mail annually to the responsible person listed on each coordination.  If you’re reading this and are responsible for one of these repeaters please contact KØJSC asap.

53.270 W0BFD

145.295 WA0JTB

145.400 KB0UDD

145.415 KA0WUC

145.475 N0JOQ

146.670 KB0UDD

146.670 K0EP

146.685 NX0G

146.700 K0EP

146.790 K0LMD

146.820 NX0G

146.850 W0UPS

146.895 KA0EFF

146.925 K0IKN

146.970 N0PRG

146.970 KB0SRJ

147.015 NX0G

147.060 KD0TOS

147.105 W0DTF (pending)

147.135 AA0L

147.270 N0PRG

147.345 KC0OSG

223.980 KE0JM

224.060 KB0SRJ

224.600 W0RM

224.800 N0AFO

446.8125 W0BFD

446.825 W0DTF (pending)

446.8875 W0TLM

446.9125 KC0CVU

447.350 KC0FNE

447.350 KD0EH

447.475 NX0G

447.675 KA0WUC

448.275 AC0EX

448.300 AA0L

448.500 KB0UDD

448.650 NX0G

448.725 N7EX

448.925 W0LMA

448.950 KD0NDG

449.025 KA0WUC

449.050 WG0N

449.250 K0UPS

449.300 N1UPS

449.375 N7ONI

449.400 N0MOR

449.625 N0PRG

449.650 K0IKN

449.775 W0TX

449.850 K0EP

70cm Band Full In Denver

July 21, 2016

As of the middle of July 2016, the both the 2m and now 70cm band in the front range from Wyoming to New Mexico is officially full and there are no more wideband pairs available. Anyone wishing to coordinate analog repeaters in the area will be asked if they wish to be waitlisted for coordination. The wait time for coordinations on 2 meters is likely 5+ years. The UHF waitlist will be similar, but likely shorter as the restrictions for UHF coordinations are easier.

We apologize for the delay in processing coordinations, but it was inevitable that the bands would fill up. Any other band is wide open at this point for coordinations, consider using a different frequency.

Jeff Carrier, K0JSC
Colorado Frequency Coordinator

Fall Meeting Minutes and Narrowband Presentation Online

October 21, 2015

Our Fall Meeting for 2015 is now one for the historybooks.  Special thanks to Royal Gorge Amateur Radio Club for access to the Cañon City EOC.  This meeting saw a giant leap forward for our frequency coordination body as the delegates have allowed us to begin using propagation tools to coordinate more difficult cases.

Please find the presentation at the end of the meeting minutes for more information.

Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Presentation Online

April 30, 2014

At the April 2014 CCARC meeting in Windsor, Wayne Heinen presented a detailed explanation of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, their requirements as well as do’s-and-donts. The presentation is online here.

I’m sure you’ll find it very handy in understanding the inner workings of a charitable organization and how it affects your club operations.

I know that it was surely an eye opener for many folks in the room!


April 2014 Meeting

April 21, 2014

April 19, 2014, the CCARC held it’s Spring meeting at the Poudre Valley REA main office in Windsor, CO sponsored by the Northern Colorado Amateur Radio Club.  At this meeting, elections were held for new officers in the positions of Secretary, Frequency Coordinator and Chairman.  The only position running challenged was the Secretary position.  The Chairman is now Doug Sharp, K2AD, Frequency Coordinator, K0JSC, Jeff Carrier, and Secretary, Emit Hurdelbrink, W0UAW.  There were several items of note that happened during the meeting.  If you would like to read the minutes, they are online above under Meetings, Meeting Minutes.

CCARC Elects a New Frequency Coordinator

October 17, 2013

October 12, 2013, Colorado Springs, Colorado, the CCARC held it’s Fall 2013 meeting sponsored by CMRG, PPFMA and PPRAA at the Falcon Substation of the Colorado Springs Police Department.  The event was a housekeeping meeting where the Frequency Coordinator was elected by as the only person running for the position.  It has been filled by Paul Deeth, WA2YZT who is considered an excellent choice as he’s been a commercial broadcast engineer for 35+ years and is very familiar with commercial coordination in the broadcast arena.   Please take a moment if you see Paul to congratulate him on taking over the remaining months of a vacated position.

Next Spring meeting will be elections for Frequency Coordinator, Secretary and Chairman and a nomination committee has been stood up with Wayne Heinen as the lead.  If you’re interested in any of these positions, please get your qualifications to Wayne Heinen with an indication that you’d like to run for office!

Thanks to everyone that attended the meeting and look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Doug Sharp, Chairman
Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs, Inc.


New Frequency Coordination Policy Document

December 23, 2012

The CCARC has posted the newly revised and approved Frequency Coordination Policy Document that governs all frequency coordinations in the State of Colorado. If you’re trying to apply for a new coordination in the state, please review this document first. It’s available under Frequency Coordination in the menu above.