Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs is an organization of member clubs in the State of Colorado.  We provide Amateur Radio Frequency Coordination services for frequencies inside of the State.

At this website, we will provide you with the documentation and tools to coordinate your repeaters and auxiliary links within the State boundaries.  There is no charge for this service.  You will be given the opportunity to join the CCARC as a member club and support the efforts of this council.

We do not restrict membership to clubs only, individual repeater owners are also welcome.  See the Membership & Renewal information below. Current membership status is Available Here

Renewing your Membership or joining CCARC for the first time
Beginning in 2021 CCARC moved to a paperless membership system. There are some major reasons for moving to a paperless process both to save CCARC some money and to save on volunteer hours and expenses.

Benefits to moving to paperless:

Post office box at $148 increasing annually.
Significant time and expense of printing and snail mailing annual renewal notices.
Maintain one coordination database on member clubs & their appointed delegates and alternates.

There will be no change in the dues structure for 2021. CCARC dues are based on twenty cents per member with a minimum dues amount of $5.00 for clubs of 25 or fewer members, $5.00 for individual repeater owners and a maximum dues amount of $25.00 for clubs with 125 or more members.
In 2021, CCARC will only be taking payments via PayPal. You have a choice of making the payment from a Pay Pal Account, Debit Card or Credit Card. After a club representative completes the renewal application page in the Web Portal, the data will be reviewed, and an Invoice will be mailed to the person designated to receive it on the renewal page.
As in the past, clubs, both those who are renewing and those who are joining for the first time, will need to certify that your organization is in compliance with the requirements of membership as stated in the CCARC constitution and listed below or you are a qualified individual repeater owner as outlined in the Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs  Constitution:

Section 1. The Council shall be comprised of Amateur Radio Clubs or organizations based in the State of Colorado and shall be qualified for membership when the following requirements are met:

      1. The Club or Organization must have a document(s) of organization that are published in the public domain.
      2. The Club or Organization must have duly elected officers as defined in the document(s) of organization.
      3. The Club or Organization must conduct regular meetings and record minutes. Minutes may be paper or electronic recording methods that are distributed at future meetings, by e-mail, by newsletter, by web site or verbally on a regularly scheduled club net.
      4. The Club or Organization must have at least four persons holding a valid amateur radio license, and must submit a roster of said members to the CCARC for private Executive Committee examination upon request.
      5. .The Club or Organization must be accepted by a majority vote of this Council. 1. The Executive Committee of CCARC shall have the authority to tentatively accept membership(s) until approved or disapproved by a vote taken at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the CCARC.

All of the above processes start by signing in to the Web Portal.  If you are new instructions are there to assist you