What Do I Need to Coordinate?

Things that must to be coordinated by CCARC:
  • New repeaters (that are not on an ESE or SNP pair)
  • New auxiliary links
  • Repeaters or links that move any distance vertically or horizontally
  • Any repeaters or links that change ownership must have a written approval from the old owner to be transferred to a new owner.  These changes will need to be made by the CCARC Frequency Coordinator.
Things that do not need to be coordinated by CCARC:
  • PL tone/Color Code/NAC changes (as long as the change is not a condition of your coordination)
  • Simple callsign changes (that are not ownership changes)
  • Simplex channels
  • Packet channels
  • Microwave channels
  • Hotspot frequencies See Use Plans and Hotspots above
Coordinating with the  Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs:

The Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs has instituted an online coordination management system. The only way to request and manage coordinations are through that system. You must have a valid email in order to use this system.

CCARC Coordination Policy Document – Updated 10/20/12