Overdue Repeater List Online!

The CCARC has posted a real-time list of all overdue repeaters on the website. This information is up-to-the-minute realtime data. The list will show all repeaters that need to be updated in the Coordination System.

The repeaters that are listed in RED don’t have current email addresses on file and must be updated as soon as possible.

You can follow this link to access the list or you can click on Frequency Coordination, Overdue Repeaters from the menu above.

This will help us clean up the CCARC database and get back to a valid database. This is very important to complete this step as extremely overdue repeaters may be flagged for decoordination.

New Coordinator On Board!

The CCARC has elected a new coordinator.  Tracy Helmhold, KI0HC has graciously agreed to step in and help getting coordinations back online.  All coordinations that we know of at this point have been processed and you should have received an email from the coordination system “fcadmin@ccarc.net” with your coordination details.

If you have a coordination that you have not been contacted on, please contact Tracy Helmhold via email below Frequency Coordination, Contact the Coordinator in the menu above.

If you have not visited the new coordination system and made sure that your login works, please do so under Frequency Coordination, Coordination System in the menu above.