All Coordinations Are Now Due

All existing CCARC coordinations in the State of Colorado are now due for update.

The Coordination Tool is functional and working. If you have NOT received an email from, it’s likely that your email may be wrong. If you have checked your spam folder and whitelisted, we suggest contacting the Frequency Coordinator to update your information.

He can be reached under Frequency Coordination in the menu above.

2m and 70cm Band Full in Denver

As of the middle of July 2016, the both the 2m and now 70cm band in the front range from Wyoming to New Mexico is officially full and there are no more wideband pairs available. Anyone wishing to coordinate analog repeaters in the area will be asked if they wish to be waitlisted for coordination. The wait time for coordinations on 2 meters is likely 5+ years. The UHF waitlist will be similar, but likely shorter as the restrictions for UHF coordinations are easier.

We apologize for the delay in processing coordinations, but it was inevitable that the bands would fill up. Any other band is wide open at this point for coordinations, consider using a different frequency.

Colorado Frequency Coordinator