Frequency Coordination

Coordination of repeaters in Colorado are handled by the CCARC Frequency Coordinator.  All requests for coordination must be submitted in writing to the Frequency Coordinator at the address listed on the RSE Coordination form.

If coordination requests are sent to the CCARC Post Office Box, significant coordination delays can be experienced as it’s not checked every day.

        CCARC Coordination Policy Document – Updated 10/20/12

Frequency Use Plans

        Colorado 144MHz Revision B

        Colorado 222MHz Revision B

        Colorado 420-450MHz Revision D

        Colorado 902MHz Revision BFCC’s Authorization to use certain 902-928 Frequencies in Colorado

        Colorado 1200MHz Revision B


         Online RSE Form – NEW! – The CCARC has implemented a streamlined online RSE Form to allow for the CCARC to move into electronic coordination.  This form must be filled out in entirety to be submitted.  Required information is noted with a red star.  You will receive a submission confirmation email if successful.  There is no way to save your work, and it must be completed in it’s entirety to be submitted.

        Radio System Evaluation (RSE) Form – Updated 11/14 – Use this form to apply for a new repeater or make changes to an existing coordination.  This form MUST be filled out completely with equipment and site information.  Incomplete forms will be returned as coordination requires all of the information.  Online submissions are faster and easier, consider not killing trees by using this document.

There is no charge for coordination services.  We ask that you consider joining the CCARC to support the Colorado Ham Radio Community!

 Note: The CCARC does not coordinate uses in the Simplex FM portion of the bands nor do we coordinate packet systems.