Overdue Repeater List Online!

The CCARC has posted a real-time list of all overdue repeaters on the website. This information is up-to-the-minute realtime data. The list will show all repeaters that need to be updated in the Coordination System. The repeaters that are listed in RED don’t have current email addresses on file and must be updated as soon […]

New Coordinator On Board!

The CCARC has elected a new coordinator.  Tracy Helmhold, KI0HC has graciously agreed to step in and help getting coordinations back online.  All coordinations that we know of at this point have been processed and you should have received an email from the coordination system “fcadmin@ccarc.net” with your coordination details. If you have a coordination […]

Hamcon Colorado 2020

The Rocky Mountain Division ARRL Convention will be held in Denver on August 7-9, 2020 at CU South Denver. For more information and to register, https://www.hamconcolorado.com.

All Coordinations Are Now Due

All existing CCARC coordinations in the State of Colorado are now due for update. The Coordination Tool is functional and working. If you have NOT received an email from fcadmin@ccarc.net, it’s likely that your email may be wrong. If you have checked your spam folder and whitelisted fcadmin@ccarc.net, we suggest contacting the Frequency Coordinator to […]

Colorado Council is Online

After a bad web hack, the CCARC is now back on line. We will be rebuilding information as time allows. The coordination system is up and working. Click on Frequency Coordination in the menu above. We apologize for the inconvenience.