Membership Status

This listing is a service of the CCARC to assist local and visiting ham radio operators in contacting their nearest clubs!
To make any updates or pay dues, please contact the Treasurer.

Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs – Membership Roster
Submitted by Wayne Heinen Treasurer On March 25, 2019

    2018 2019
Organization/Repeater Owner City/Area Member Status Member Status
285 Techconnect Radio Club Bailey Current Current
Arapahoe County ARES ACARES Arapahoe County Current Pending
Arkansas Valley ARC Arkansas Valley Current Current
Aurora Repeater Association Denver Metro Current Current
Big Sandy Amateur Radio Club (no website) Eastern Plains Current Current
Boulder Amateur Radio Club Boulder Current Current
Boulder County Amateur Radio Emergency Services BCARES Boulder Current Current
Castle Rock Repeater Group Metro Denver Current Current
Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club Arapahoe County Current Current
Cheyenne Mountain Amateur Radio Club (no website) Denver Current Current
Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group Colorado Springs Current Pending
Colorado Amateur Repeater Network (no website) Denver Current Current
Colorado Connection Repeaters Statewide Current Current
Colorado Repeater Association Front Range Colorado Current Current
Colorado State University Amateur Radio Club Northern Colorado Current Current
Colorado Traffic League State Wide Current Pending
Delbert E. Noakes KCØVJD Limon Current Current
Denver Radio Club Denver Metro Current Current
Denver Radio League Denver Metro Delinquent Pending
Donald Yowell KIØIS Colorado Springs Delinquent Pending
Down River Control Group Longmont   New
Durango Amateur Radio Club Durango Current Current
Estes Valley Amateur Radio Club Estes Park Current Current
Garden of the Gods Amateur Radio Club Colorado Springs Current Current
Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado Statewide Current Pending
Grand Mesa Repeater Association West Slope Current Pending
Indian Peaks Radio Club Nederland & Vicinity Delinquent Current
Longmont Amateur Radio Club Longmont Current Current
Loveland Repeater Association Loveland Current Current
Mile High DX Association Denver Metro Current Current
Montrose Amateur Radio Club Montrose Current Current
Mountain Amateur Radio Club Woodland Park Current Current
Northern Colorado Amateur Radio Club Northern Colorado Current Current
Park County Radio Club South Park Delinquent Pending
Parker Radio Association Denver Metro Current Current
Paul Deeth WA2YZT Denver Current Current
Pikes Peak FM Association Colorado Springs Current Current
Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Association Colorado Springs Current Current
Pueblo Amateur Radio Club Pueblo Current Current
Pueblo West Amateur Radio Club Pueblo West Current Current
Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Front Range Colorado Current Current
Rocky Mountain Radio League Denver Metro Current Pending
Royal Gorge Amateur Radio Club Cañon City Current Current
Ski Country Amateur Radio Club Ski Country Current Current
Summit County Amateur Radio Club (no website) Dillon Current Pending
Tracy Helmhold KIØHC Denver Current Pending
Tri-Lakes Monument Radio Association Monument Current Current
Walter Zorn WZØN Hartsel Current Pending
Weld Amateur Radio Society Northern Colorado Current Current
Western Colorado Amateur Radio Club Grand Junction Current Current