Online Coordination Tool

The Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs handles amateur radio repeater and auxiliary link coordination within the State of Colorado based on policies set forth by the Delegates of the CCARC.  The policies of the group are documented in the following document – CCARC Frequency Coordination Policies – Update 10/20/2012

Special Note: As of fall of 2016, there is a waitlist for 2M and 70cm wideband coordinations along the Front Range from Fort Collins to Pueblo.  The wait period could be as long as 5 years for 70cm wideband and 5+ years for 2m.  All other bands are open and available for coordination immediately.  Narrowband coordinations are given preference.  Yaesu Fusion is not considered narrowband and must be coordinated on wideband pairs due to the switchability of the system.

CCARC Online Coordination Tool – The CCARC is moving toward a fully automated coordination management system. This will allow you to update your repeater information and request coordinations electronically. This will not only speed up the process but allow for much better and up-to-date data. Instructions for the tool.

There is no long any paper form for submitting coordinations.  They must ALL be done online.  

Contact the coordinator with any questions.