How to…

CCARC has put direction together for certain tasks associated with coordinations.  This page will attempt to tell you how to get through those tasks.

I want to facilitate a transfer of coordination from the old owner to the new owner.  The original owner will need to send a letter or email to the coordinator indicating that the coordination should be transferred to you.   We are absolutely unable to process requests for any transfer without approval from the original owner.  In a case where the original owner is silent key, this should be noted with something showing that this is the situation.  We safeguard our coordinations to ensure that any exiting coordination is only able to be managed by the original owner or anyone allowed on the owner’s record.

I want to move a repeater.  Please complete a “request recoordination” in your coordination record and update the information that you cannot change. This does not mean that we will automatically grant a move, but we will do what we can to make your coordination happen.  We suggest that you request recoordination BEFORE you make your move because there’s always a possibility that something may need to change in order to facilitate this move.

My buddy wants me to take over his repeater.  Please have your buddy confirm this via letter or email and we’ll get the changes made.  Nothing can be done until an official communication is received.

I need a VHF coordination on the front range.  There’s no frequencies available unless someone turns one in.  The waitlist is 5+ years and we will gladly add you to the waitlist in order to keep your spot in line.  You can use an SNP pair for analog until your coordination comes up.  There are no digital SNPs in the band plan.